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Our client is the most essential piece of the real estate buying or selling puzzle and at Essential Real Estate & Development (ERED) we take pride in our proven person-centered strategy. There is no house, property, or land without YOU, the client, which is why we are dedicated to providing you with the best resources available and meeting all of your real estate needs.


Are you looking to start taking the steps into buying your first home? Think ERED. Are you looking to down-size, or move to a different location? Think ERED. Are you a business owner looking for a place to “open up shop”? Think ERED. No matter your real estate needs contact us to set up a complimentary consultation.


REALtor TALK is an educational program designed to educate buyers and sellers of available real estate services/resources in the community. Individuals who specialize in different areas of real estate services share this information with you.

Please contact us if you would like to share your expertise on the show or if you would like to run an ad/sponsor your product on the show (any product is welcome it doesn't have to pertain to real estate).

Nicole Ryans

Founder, Ms. Nicole Ryans, has been dedicated to helping families and her community for over a decade. Taking the skills and experience she has learned over the years, she found a passion for helping others in the real estate industry. She takes every opportunity to let her clients know that she is there for them, not just because she has sold millions in real estate, but because they are essential and so are their needs.

Nicole is also available to speak about her business, strategies, and successes at your next event or meeting.

meeting real estate needs with kindness, patience, and care


There is no one-size-fits-all in real estate, so neither should the way you buy or sell property. During your consultation with ERED, we take the time to get to know you so we can work together with a personalized approach to reach your real estate goals. Let's chat!


REALtor TALK is an educational program designed to educate buyers and sellers of available real estate services/resources in the community. Individuals who specialize in different areas of real estate services share this information with you.

Nicole Ryans

Nicole has helped hundreds of people navigate real estate, from first-time homeowners to small businesses looking for commercial space. Taking her knowledge and skill, she has developed a system to assist families and individuals with resources in the community that has helped them purchase real estate.

See how Nicole is changing the real estate industry and building a successful business in the process. Click below to book her at your next speaking engagement.

“10 out of 10”

Bridget Turner

“I was in search of a place to call home. My sister told me she knew who could help me so she called Nicole. She is the absolute best…

Maria Keener

Having the opportunity to purchase a home is a blessing within itself, especially when you have someone as helpful as Nicole to guide you…

Aundra Gee

By this text, I am proud to recommend Nicole Ryan’s, who is a realtor, she was my realtor when I bought my house last year of 2019…

Gregg and Gloria Pompey

Gregg and I would like to thank you for being such a great agent. We are truly happy here in this quiet neighborhood and charming home. Thank you for working so hard to find it for us.

Tiffany & Derrick Williams

The importance of listening to God. Being obedient because that's where your blessing awaits you in your obedience!!!! God spoke to us several of times and spoke through several people and one of the people that he use was a young lady by the name of Nicole Ryans. God used her to approach me in Walmart Nicole didn't know me and I didn't know her. My card was messing up I turned to Nicole and told her I was sorry for the long wait she told me it's ok and she told me my hair was pretty. God spoke through her to ask me was I'm trying to buy a house and My response was My God yes but I don't have a Realtor she said well you do now here is my card! Nicole stuck with us and never gave up on us! When she told us that she was going to do what she have to do to get us the house our heart desires. I showed Nicole one house and told her we want this she began to work. Nicole has not just been my realtor but she's my friend. I Thank God for using her and that she was obedient to the word that day and didn't avoid what God told her to ask me. One should never give up on God because he won't give up on you!

Four years ago me and my family stayed in a hotel (along with other friends and family) behind humanic pride! Meaning the heart desire so much material things but the mind is not willing to compromise with the heart!! Many times many people want for righteous things or the right things, but we don't want to go through the process or do the things that's right to have the desire of our heart!!! And even tho which those four years at the time. I didn't understand that God was remolding or reshaping us to understand the desire of your heart it's not easy or cheap. Meaning our mind state had to be restored of knowing that if I'm gone have the desire of my heart I must be willing and obedient to the teaching!! So after years of going without I thought God was punishing me, but he was simply preparing me to receive the blessing that we are in now! To live in that hotel cost a lot which was about the same to rent a house, but where we are now cost about the same as living in that hotel! Me and my husband have almost a 3,000 sq foot home that sits on the biggest lot in the neighborhood! 4 bedroom 3 full bath with a salt water pool! (SOLD BY NICOLE RYANS) What God has for you it is for you! Just be patient and wait on him!

Reginal Vines, RDOT

Vines Holdings

Ms. Nicole Ryans is a true professional to work with. She is extremely dedicated and passionate about

her work. I greatly appreciate her assistance. I expand my Real Estate investment portfolio. I look forward to continuing working with Ms. Ryans in the future as I continue to add to my portfolio and would recommend her to anyone needing commercial realty services.

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